October 14, 2014

Woodland Fairies | Charlotte Children’s Photographer | NicCole Photography

NC Woodland Fairy, Charlotte Child Photographer

Each year I delight in looking forward to the fall leaves and color here in Charlotte NC. I love pumpkins, spiced lattes, fall candles and the planning of our woodland fairy shoot! Through out the year I gather things that will make the costume for our fairy. It usually all winds up in a bag that we dump on the floor, in the Loft at NicCole Photography in October. We usually oooo and aaaaa over the finds and begin crafting an outfit. I love to incorporate flowers, acorns, stones really anything from outside. When I was a child I would shove my trinkets from the day into my pockets and I remember they were some of the same things from above like feathers, bird eggs…. etc.

Sense we have started our glamour sessions this year and the thoughts of empowering women we decided to have a story line about a fairy with delicate or broken wings who finds that she can find the strength from within herself to fly!

Heather Willowings

She protects the vulnerable and brings justice to the wronged. She lives in mushroom fields and quiet meadows.She can only be seen when the first leaves of fall have drifted on the wind. She wears orange and purple as to not be seen by just anyone! Her wings are delicate and her one wish is to fly!….and one day she did!

Charlotte-Photographer-woman-fall Charlotte-photographer-fairy Charlotte-NC-fairy-photographer Charlotte-Fall-festival Charlotte-child-photographerPhotographer-NC-Charlotte-women



and one day she did………..fly! If your in the Charlotte area and are looking for a creative photographer contact NicCole.


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