March 7, 2016

STOP!!!! DONT throw away that empty photographer’s paper roll tube!

I have a easy 30 min DIY project for you.

I had to go grab my empty paper tub back out of the garage where it was slatted for the garbage pick up the next day.
It hit me when I was thinking of paiting my own backdrop that I could attach the backdrop to that tube! Why I had not thought of this before I dont know other than I am a little slow in thinking of what I could recycle things for, to find new life for them. But when I do, I am thrilled I had the idea……….that sounds like a tv commecial…..I dont always use my photographers paper tube, but when I do………its great! (Kelloggs,Tony the tiger there at the end:)) OK enough of that.

So here are a few pics of how I attached mine to my paper holder. You will need:
-empty photographers backdrop paper tube
-gaffers tape

simple photographer's backdrop
(studio backdrop from painter’s drop cloth)

I simply taped the drop cloth to the tube, attached it to the backdrop holder and taada! I am going to paint this backdrop with some Annie Sloan when it stops raining here in Charlotte. I will be sure to snap some Iphone pics of that process for you. I am curious do you guys have any nifty ideas that you use in your studio? Please leave a comment and tell me below I would love to hear!

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