June 16, 2014

Magic Hour | Charlotte Photographer | NicCole Photography

MAGIC HOUR! AAAAAAA the quiet splendor of that gorgeous light like a necklace hangs only in the ski for not even an hour. It reminds me of being a child in my families home and waking up early right before the sun peeks through the window, everything is quiet. No birds singing, no squirrel rustling leaves, maybe the sound of a rooster’s callw faintly in the distance can be heard.

This is why I choose to shoot so very early in the morning or right before the sun drops behind the horizon. I don’t shoot in bright light although I love it filtered through my home! I would prefer to shoot in dim areas. That tiny bit of light that seems to find its way through the dark is my favorite! The flicker of a midnight candle, the burning of a street lamp, the colorful bulbs of an old theater, those super big vintage Christmas lights are all lights that give me a feeling. So much of my photography work is about feelings. It may be how a scene makes me feel as the photographer, like this image, or pulling emotion out of my clients. Emotion between a child and their pet, between family members or the emotion a mother feels anticipating the arrival of her child.

EMOTION is the biggest key in my art! Either I want to feel, make my subject feel or make the viewer feel!

ski lift at dusk

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