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Lets learn some photography tips….

So I am a slow learner. Seriously, it takes me a few times of reading over something and then I may leave out a step or forget what I read. It can be tiring. BUT……I am no quitter! I will do it until I get it right or at least what I think is correct 🙂

I thought I might start offering some tips on things I have learned through my photography studies.

Photography = the study of light

Thats it in a nut shell. If a photo lacks light and the proper use of it, it is bland. It is all about the light. I am gonna show you some light examples below and explain why I choose to shoot with one over the other.

I am using my front door here and not an actual window. A light source is a light source no matter where it comes from! The type of light, temp etc is different but light is light.

This is an example of side light. How does this light make you feel? How does it work into the feel you want for your image?

Window side light

This example of lighting is 45′ to the light source. Again how does this make you feel? Is it cheerful, serious, mysterious?

45' lighting

The third example of lighting for portraits is straight forward facing the light. What do you think of this lighting? It does light the entire chair. Is this the feel your looking for? The way you place your subject to the light can make or break an image.

facing window light

The last example backlighting….. Now how does this image feel? Yea I know its a chair but I want you to take note of the light and not the gorgeous model or clothing. Although the legs are kinda nice 🙂 (insert giggling here)


It’s all in the light folks! Happy snapping! Oh, I wanted to remind you guys that the end of February we are gonna do a mommy’s class. If you would like to join me and learn how to capture better images of your children contact me below. | 7042001398



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