What’s up with all the camera equipment?

A question I get a lot from clients……”Why all the camera equipment?”  lol…..mostly cause I am a camera equipment GEEK!

I dont drag all my lenses with me to a photography session but, I do usually have at least two cameras. It makes for quick changing of lenses. I put down one and pic up the next camera without having to change the lens from the camera itself. That can be a bit of a distraction for me and I am less likely to even change the lens, not to mention children don’t stop for me to change my lens while on a child’s photo session. I do have my favorite lenses in general and the ones I use for a certain kind of shoot.Lets take a look at some of the things in my photographer’s camera bag.Nikon Camera bodies and Lenses1-Nikon D4- I LOVE this camera. It is great in lowlight and I shoot with it every session!

2-Nikon 85mm 1.4-Loved this lens before I got my 70-200mm. Sadly now it stays in my bag alot.

3-Nikon D700- my backup camera and usually always has a creative lens on it. Lensbaby or tiltshift

4-Nikon 70-200mm- aaaaahhhhh this lens rocks! Meg Bitton helped me fall in love with it. She rocks too! If you haven’t seen her work you really should. It is always on 200mm.

5-Nikon 35mm 1.8- an indoor lens for sure. When I am shooting a newborn baby photo session I will use this lens.

6-Nikon Speedlight SB-910- I am still playing with this one 🙂 Its fun and I love it off camera in the late evening around Charlotte NC.

7-Nikon MAC DADDY 300mm 2.8- Ummmm this lens rocks the house d-o-w-n! Awesome! It is crazy heavy but I have to use it with at least one or two outdoor on-location sessions. Oh and its great for action shots….sports.

8-NIkon 135mm- This is a fun little lens and I love to play with it after I have gotten all my safe shots with a family photo session.

9-Nikon 85mm Tilt Shift- This is for the artistic photographer….ME…….this lens is also one that I will play with at the end of a photography session.

10-NikonMicro 105mm- I am forever manually focusing this lens to make it speed up! I only use it with itty bitty baby parts, like lips, toes and that hair on their ears. Gives me chills thinking about babies!

11-Nikon 24-70mm- I use this lens for mostly my own personal creative shots. When I want to get up high to take an image of something…ex

Fine Art in the water

This image was taken in a hot tub! I am going to be doing some underwater maternity photography soon!

12-Nikon 18mm 2.8- I use this lens on the water. Its not a fisheye exactly but I can get it to bend the horizon and it looks pretty  incredible.

13-Nikon Nifty 50mm- This is a staple like BUTTER, gotta have one. Mostly I only  use this one inside, though. With newborn baby photo sessions this lens is a must.

I have a few other fun lenses that maybe I will share on another day 🙂

Happy shootin!