Unique Water Maternity Portraits | Charlotte NC

My most favorite maternity portraits are made in the water! During the summer months I am all wrinkly from my time spent there. My husband would say “No, the wrinkles are age!” He is such a funny guy. Thank goodness I get his humor.

The idea came from some years back planning a maternity session for a client. It was her fourth child and first son. We wanted something beautiful outside. Something more than a field picture, although I do love those type images as well. I had just started taking my own son to this beautiful little beach area to play near Lake Wylie and BOOM there the idea began to grow. Like all of my creative ideas they come from my own experiences. I have always loved the water. I grew up spending weekends as a little child fishing with my father and later as a teen boating with friends, and now spending time with my own family.

The water in my maternity portraits represents the water that surrounds and protects our unborn children. It protects life. A large part of our bodies are water. We need it to sustain life. To me it is about life. It covers so much of the planet we call earth.

This expecting mother’s photography session was shot at the end of summer beginning of fall last year. The water was a bit cool but not unbearable and she really wanted the water maternity session. So me being the adventurous artist I am jumped right in!

Together we enjoyed the last bits of a summer.


and for fun…….a portrait from my first maternity session years ago in the water.

expecting charlotte nc mother floating in water