The Sweet Smells of Christmas | Charlotte Child Photographer

These super cute little guys are so funny and keep me on my toes every year we do there Christmas portraits. I adore them. Their mom contacted me this fall and we started planning around one of the boys favorite Christmas books., The Sweet Smells of Christmas. The name of the book didn’t ring a bell for me at first. Mom went on to tell me that it was about a family of bears doing Christmas activities, backing pies, making hot cocoa and cutting down a tree. So we decided to, again this year shoot at their family farm, that I love. A beautiful piece of land in Spartanburg SC…yes I am a country girl!

I am chasing rabbits thinking about their farm……back on track,Brandy. So I get to the farm on a late Friday evening mom hands me the book and I nearly burst into tears! It is a book from my childhood that I would have never remembered if she had not showed it to me. I was taken back to  Christmas when I was a little girl. It an old scratch and sniff first published in 1970. It was a perfect start to my holiday season.

Merry Christmas, Loftus family!

dad pulling boys on vintage sled brothers sitting on old sled brothers laughing together brothers in vintage cold weather hats funny brothers mother adjusting son's hat

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