Stonewall Jackson | NicCole Photogrpahy

What a mysterious place? I made a trip up to these old forgotten homes ,of a time gone by, a few weeks back on a very cold and damp morning. I found just what I have read about in paper and books, a place of secrets. Men who now range in age from 50’s-70’s tell horrific stories of abuse inside these walls when they were boys. The homes themselves seem to want to keep their secrets from being known the way the trees have grown over the entrances of some of the front porches. Originally these homes were brought about to protect young offenders from being imprisoned with men in the 30’s. Although, not all boys that lived here were bad children, some were here beacuse family had died, or for simply skipping school.
I was warned of trespassing and vagrants who have made these old relics thier homes now. I thought it strange that the outcast of society still today live here. So even though I really wanted to venture inside to see what other photographers before me have seen……I being alone decided to keep my distance.







this last Daughters cottage was built buy a group of Christian women who were called the Kings Daughters. No girls lived here at Stonewall Jackson. There is a girls home not far from Stonewall that holds another story!

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