Riverbanks Zoo | Columbia SC

How exciting to get the chance to photograph some of the animals at our state zoo in Columbia SC. I will admit not my normal type of babies to photograph :0 still just as fun!

Scoot was able to attend this assignment with me and it was fun to tool around together being this is his last week of middle school and he is growing up so quickly. Its nice to have him see just what goes into a photo shoot. If you haven’t been to Riverbanks lately they have added so many new animal exhibits and are still growing. This time of year I was told is usually the best for pictures as most of the animals are out and about. In July it is extremely hot and they seek shade inside their dens. I did notice that there where these mist of water every now and then that added to keeping the animals cool in the heat.

When we were completed we took some time just for ourselves and watched the seals in their new habitat. Parker ask if I thought they were happy…….freedom is always nice but then again they have a sense of protection as well. I watched them swim so freely without a care in the world. Eyes closed as they flipped and spin through the water and then burst to the top for air. I believe they are happy.


lion king riverbanks Columbia SC

This image cracked us up as it looks like me cutting “P’s” hair. I have to admit this was a favorite session for me..I am such an animal lover. monkeys riverbanks zooNIC_9427NIC_9466

This guy seem to be calling to the others to come out and get your photograph taken…or maybe he was warning them I was there either way he was super adorable and more than happy to pose!NIC_9470riverbanks Columbia SC

There are days I have to admit I feel like this guy slow and steady wins the race.riverbanks zoo lemurtiger riverbanks zoo

If you look close enough at the tiger here and the lion I was able to capture the smallest of animals…..A FLY…….buzzing the animals!


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