Nativity | Charlotte Photographer

The Christmas season is my very favorite holiday and a very present reminder of days gone by. My family and I have searched out this holiday live nativities. We visited the Billy Graham library and did see their nativity and also a local church, a short drive outside of Charlotte NC in Clover SC.

It was a long wait to visit Bethlehem at this local church, 2 hrs to be exact! I usually am impatient and even more are my family, however I was gracious to be there and be able to travel back through time to the small town of Bethlehem. There were Roman soldiers on horseback demanding we enter the town to be counted and to also pay our taxes! Once inside there were weary travelers, shop keepers, shepherds keeping watch over their flock, outside of town. They told the story of an angel with good tidings and a baby born in the stables. We were lead through town and to the inn keeper who had no room. Past the stables of sheep, horses,and mules to inside where Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus were nestled with shepherds bowing before him.

As we left and drove home I looked out the car window gazing out into the dark wondering really, what would it have been like to see a bright star, have an angel appear and truly find the baby there in the stable.My heart was filled with the true meaning of Christmas!

I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

live nativity near Charlotte weary travelers warming by fireRoman soldiers NIC_4855 Sheherd woman warming by the fire Bethlehem travelers Roman soliders NIC_4829 shepherds shepherd Shepherd towns people NIC_4867 fire woman  on a cold nightMary and Jesus