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Being a child photographer in Mooresville Charlotte area means you get to photograph some super creative families!

When my phone buzzes and I see this mothers name pop up I can’t lie I get a bit excited. So many times I am leading my clients off into MY fairytale dreams but this mom has grown with me and my style and now leads me down HER rabbit holes, so to speak. A few years back we did Alice in Wonderland with her immediate family and sister here in the Charlotte area. When she rang me a year ago about doing her entire family for Wizard of Oz I was over the moon. The Wizard of Oz is the movie from my childhood that I could sit and watch time and time again! I remember being a little girl sitting “crisscross apple sauce” in front of that old box tv and my parents turning it off because it was time to go somewhere. At that moment in my mind I created what we have today that allows us to record movies and play them back at our own discretion…..the digital box that records our favorite shows…..yep at 6 years old I had dreamt that up in my mind! Knowing that when my parents turned off that old tv I wouldn’t see that movie again till it aired again. (Yes, I am telling my age. There were no VCRs even at this time to tape the movie.) My point is I have been so super excited about this portrait session!!!!

And so begins our story of The wizard of Oz……enjoy ~B



the wizard of oz

Remember the snake oil salesman in the movie who turned out to be the wizard? This families Wizard loves plants.

A storm was brewing and they soon would be swept away to a magical place….

wicked witch

“Toto I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore” ~Dorothy

children posing behind plantsHuntersville child photographer

children eating candy

Bubbles with grandma..ooops, I mean Glenda the Good Witch might have been the most fun!

children playing with bubblesCharlotte child Photographer

 Hold onto your pants because this is were it gets wicked!

“I will get you my pretty and your little dog too!” ~Wicked Witch of the West

mom portrays a witch

“We’re off to see the wizard the Wonderful Wizard of Oz”

Dorothy and her dog


Huntersville family pictures

the green building of Wizard of Oz

Huntersville family photographer

This is the portrait that brought this entire family session home for me. I ask Jenn why she wanted to incorporate a table. ( I am a why person?) She had the most amazing answer…..

” Being with my family is where troubles melt like lemon drops.” sniff sniff. Melts my heart!

Lake Norman family photographer

So our entire family session was built around the quote “Where troubles melt like lemon drops.” Tell me where do your troubles melt?


If you would like to see more of our Oz session take peek into this families video.



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