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Brandy NicCole

HI! I am Brandy NicCole Inkelaar. I am the creative eye behind the lens of NicCole Photography.

I am a mother to a pretty incredible twelve year old adventurous boy. He has completed me in every way. Together we enjoy fishing in the pond where he has learned to operate the john boat and manage to scare me ALOT! We can be found hiking in the woods for snakes, rabbits ………(I am looking for new photography locations) squirrels, birds….well you get the idea.

I have been married to my soul mate for 13 years. Let me tell ya he is awesome himself and has got this girl spoiled! We work amazingly together and laugh a lot. The key to the happiness in a marriage and family. He passes the time fishing in tournaments with our son. I can be found on the boat with them traveling from lake to lake photographing nature and their catch.

“Photography has been a journey down the rabbit hole, a key to a secret garden of my soul. It is a combination of childhood memories,loss and laughter. It is a fantasy land that I can be swept away in for hours. It is a place to dream and imagine, a place for reflection and nostalgia of days gone by. It calls me from my everyday world into a world of make believe and truth.”

Brandy NicCole of NicCole Photography Charlotte Maternity photographer

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It is through the voice of my photography clients that I hear the words that tickle my ears. Not words that raise me or my art up but to know they too, have fell down into this garden that sometimes is real and true but at other times a bit of imaginary. I want to help them envision and be able to create with me timeless portraits that can take them back to that place in time. A Portrait can stop time and keep it collectively just the way it was. It can raise an emotion inside of us that can bring back that time.

“Words do NOT do justice with how we feel about our time with NicCole Photography today. I’m a mother of four girls. My life is my girls almost ALL the time. I don’t do much for myself because real honestly, I just don’t have time. When I was given the opportunity to come to the studio and do some shots with my children I felt honored. I never expected I would leave feeling so beautiful. Then when I saw the image she captured I was blown away. She caught the essence of my being a mother, the essence of my children and their individual beauties from the inside as well as dare I say it, me. Not just the mother I am but me. I could cry I am so pleased. You have a wonderful gift Brandy and I know anyone that makes the good choice of working with you will NO doubt feel the same way I as me. Simply Fabulous.”

~Electra Lesslie {NicCole Photography Client}


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