Maternity Gowns | NicCole Photography

I am forever ask by my Charlotte maternity clients about the wardrobe of gowns the NicCole Photography studio offers. I thought I would try to make the gowns a little more available to my clients by way of choice.

So how should you go about choosing a gown? I prefer relaxed bone/cream colored maternity dresses inside the studio or for home portrait session. You will see some of those below.

I prefer a jewel toned gown for outside portraits. Now this all is not to say we don’t mix it up a bit….But I have found these are my preferences for a NicCole Photography LOOK.

We are always adding gowns and mixing belts, flowers etc to make a piece your very own.

I look forward to meeting you and planning an amazing maternity portrait session for you.

Enjoy, ~B

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