A look at my photography editing desk

HI!  I took a bit of a break this morning to run my child to the Dr. uggggg I hate when he is sick, but I love having him home! You know when they get older you have to share them with so many others, school, football, tennis,friends……the list is endless, so I enjoy these sick days…..you know what I mean.

After some meds he was feeling better and I decided he should try and learn how to use the Nikon D4. He was more than happy to play with the BIG camera. He got a nice shot of me here in the Loft editing some baby images and watching one of my favorite internet classrooms Creative Live. If you haven’t had a chance to look them up, do so! It is an online classroom for creative minds. Photographers,musicians, decorators ….you name it!

I am wishing all of you a very happy Monday!

~BCharlotte child photographer at her desk


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