10 Things You Don’t Know about Brandy NicCole | Charlotte Maternity Newborn Baby and Women’s Photographer | Creative Children’s Portraits

pOMGosh! I thought it might be fun to share a bit about myself. It’s fun sometimes to know a bit about who you may choose to photograph your newborn or child.

For starters I use to be a rock star!…..no, I am totally kidding that was my husband’s dream 🙂 although I did lip sync with a band once for a talent show. Imagine big hair 80’s band! If any of my high school friends who follow along here happen to have proof of this feel free to share below. What was our talent anyway?


Ok, seriously I was a Scruples color rock star before I started shooting you guys! I worked behind the chair with some very talented ladies and sometimes miss that camaraderie.

two friends smiling


I have been married to my soulmate for so many years now I can’t remember. Most importantly he is amazing and makes me laugh. We have a growing family and I love them all. (The little guy is peep peep, my nickname for him, our first grand)



 I am so boring. I can’t think of anything else to tell you. OH! I have been shooting professionally for five years. In the early part of my photography journey I shot everything. In the past 3-4 years I have realized my heart is with women and their children. No, I am not a man hater we do let guys in the photo every now and then 😉 Honestly they usually are kinda cool with the idea that they can chill along side and watch. My proof is below. This image still cracks me up! They are the sweetest folks!!Dad running out of the creek


Are we at #10 yet?  I may go back and change this to five things about me. I want to kiss your newborn babies, there I said it! One time I did slip and kiss a baby:) I mean she wanted me to give her a kiss. I am kidding I didn’t but isn’t she adorable? Her parents are above in the creek (crazy dad photo).Charlotte NC top baby photographers


 I LOVE reese cups and coke in a cold can! No plastic bottles cause that plastic is bad for you. Although 3 cokes a day and handfuls of candy are good for you.


I am constantly educating myself and teaching others to further my portrait work. Honestly I learn so much teaching others. My grandparents were farmers and would tell me “If your not growing, your rotting,” It’s true!


I love animals! I have two horses, two dogs and one donkey….well he is a half ass.:) I like to say that. I love Jesus but I cuss a little…isnt that on a shirt somewhere? (Abel is a mini donkey and featured below)


I am terribly OCD! I am working on allowing my rugs to be a bit sideways. Actually I find this to be a good thing. My house is rarely a mess and things are typically easy to find. My guys always pick and say if something is missing “your momma got it and put it somewhere” My thought process is they shouldn’t leave it laying around. Usually I can tell them exactly where it is too! I am working on this I say!


I can not cook! We will say no more about my hockey puc type biscuits or burnt brownies. I do order out well though. I have Olive Garden on speed dial. I am thinking maybe Blue Apron may make me a better cook. Do y’all do a food order thing like that? Do you like it?


On a serious note……. I do love Jesus and am sure I will feel just as passionately about you and your children. If you haven’t had a portrait with your family lately or had your children photographed grab that phone girl and lets plan an amazing session!

xo, Brandy NicCole


NicCole Photography is an NAPCP award winning children’s photographer in Charlotte NC. Brandy NicCole has had her photos featured in multiple magazines and often in Momazine Magazine, a children’s magazine. She is Charlotte’s most sought after maternity photographer and has also been featured in the Charlotte Observer for her creative style. Her children’s work has been described as “blurring the lines between reality and dreams.”

I would love to start planning a maternity or newborn session with you. Our children’s creative portrait sessions are also very popular with parents.
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