Henry| Charlotte newborn baby Photographer

Meeting this family was a hilite of my  photography week! Incredibly beautiful mom and baby. Both parents were incredibly relaxed like they had done this before.  Their beautiful Charlotte home was lovely and offered a gorgeous backdrop for our in home newborn portrait session. His sweet little nursey was adorable, with images of baby animals above the crib. Heck I wanted to sit and stay in that comfy little area that was bathed in warm morning sunlight. Little Henry was the perfect newborn. He snoozed through most of our photography session and was just as calm as mom and dad. He is a yummy little ball of sweet boy goodness.

I used the window light in his mothers dinning room to create most of his newborn portraits. Large north facing windows that touch the floor are my favorite and I always look for these when I am in a families home. I like to be prepared with a flash and shoot through umbrella if I should need a little fill light. Taking my time I adjusted my light to get ride of the harsh shadows.

I am looking forward to seeing more of “H” and his family in the future!

sweet baby in basketBeautiful new family with babyMother with her newbornBaby in cribMother and child in Charlotte NC nursery


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