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It’s a beautiful life

You know our lives are so similar to twisting winding grapevines. Have you ever really paused and looked at grapevines? My grandfather had grapevines and in the winter when all the leaves had fallen the vines were exposed and you could see one trunk coming from the ground and many twisty trails of vine that took off in its own direction. Don’t we do that as families? We all are from a set of parents and we all have our own paths that like the vine some times grow up and other times are growing down and twisting around other vines or other family members.

My cousin and our family had a special baby a year ago. His name is Grayson. He is the youngest vine on our twisting and turning family grapevine. His little route has been one that is tough, still his little vine is growing and twisting around the hearts of each of us that live inside this family grapevine. We have learned to support each other the same as a trellis would support the vine. A family member said to me ” Brandy, we are learning and teaching our children to love family no matter what. We hold each other up when our way is hard.” She was so right. It’s about support and love and teaching the younger generations how to protect each other and bare good fruit. Aren’t we called to bear good fruit? Grayson has reminded us of the really important things in life, family.

Please keep Grayson and my family in your prayers. We pray God gives us the grace to except his will.

XO ~Brandy


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(An update, our special baby’s body gave out before this post could be posted. Thank you for all the prayers. Our family is healing and thankful everyday to all Grayson taught us about special needs children and their families who love the so much)

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