Feb.2 2014 | Letters to my Son

Today we visited the book store to find a few things you wanted to read. After up and down the isles you finally found what you wanted and started pondering which books to get. We left with three. 🙂 Mom doesn’t mind getting books! I of course took my camera that you frown on. I stood at a distance watching you and snapping some shots as you thumbed through pages.

I want you to know in this letter that I LOVE everything about you!

The way your holding your lip while you think. The excitement when you found what you were looking for, that you quickly contained because your more mature now than to show your emotions. I love that your such a boy! You could careless right now what your hair and clothes look like,with the exception of going to school. I had ask you before we went in the book store to brush your hair. I could just squeeze that long lanky body frame that mimics mine when I was a child. Your father says you look like me with the exception of his brown colored eyes. I think you think like your father, mostly. You are a gentleman. I just swoon over you holding doors for ladies old and young, even though right now, I have to nudge you to hold it for girls your age! I tell you ” it speaks about your character.”  Your Character: You are kind and have a big heart for animals. You are a compassionate boy, you adore your brother and sister, & your father is your best friend. I am the cook, nurse, maid, teacher, fill-in when Dad’s gone, cheerleader and laundry lady…..:) No worries, I am what ever YOU need me to be! You are brilliant and right now you want to be a marine biologist and pro fisherman. There are no limits to what you can do…..”Why not you!”

I love you……


MomBoy in book store Boy looking for book Boy reading book boy kneeling to read book