Farming | Charlotte NC Child Photographer

So living in such a rural area here in Lake Wylie, SC we have a wide variety of agriculture families and farms. There is a huge Ag + Art self guided tour starting June 21st! The tour includes York, Chester, Fairfield, and lancaster counties. It features artist, hay rides, pick your own veggies, sheep shearing etc……… I recently got some schooling on sheep’s wool from my friend Cacie Nance. I have cleaned and picked burrs out of wool for weeks to be able to use it to stuff baby photo props. A long process but, I got a sense of satisfaction thinking “I DID IT!”

I spent the afternoon recently with Cacie and her super rough and rowdy boys. They were happy to show me their chicks, that I had earlier seen at the post office, their baby kitten and three lamb. It was quite funny to see then jumping around and very high too! They also stay very much to their herd I realized. Unlike my horse who will run for days and you will never catch, these babies run and jump but will come right back to the others, which makes catching easy! Want to move your lamb along? Grab the dock of his tail and quickly he will move!

Cacie works with the children in the York area with their 4H projects! Thanks Cacie for an education in sheep and the funny evening with your adorable boys! I look forward to a Mommy and Me shoot with the boys soon.

The Battle of Huck’s Defeat will be at Brattonsville on July 12 and the 13th. For more history here in the Clover, York area.

boy with lambtoddler on tractor boy with chick