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Shooting in the bare blossom trees

Oh my goodness! It was the night before a family shoot and our local meteorologist, weather guy announces a DEEP FREEZE! What? I scurried to the remote to rewind….NO!!!! We were shooting in the peach trees just outside of Charlotte NC and the blooms that had been a gorgeous pink today were gonna be gone! UGGGG. Fast forward to the next evening and I am driving up and down our  photo location in search of a single tree with blossoms. There was not one to be found. BOOM, there you have it the unpredictable weather changes here in Charlotte NC.

Well unknown to me this would be this families last photo session as a family of three. They were expecting I found out that afternoon and I needed to make this session perfect. Once I got started I remembered that I really did like the look of bare trees although we had wished for blossoms. The weather did permit and gave us a lovely warm glow. Who needs blossoms? We can always grab those next year. Really when the family is as gorgeous as these are who even would notice the blossoms are gone from the peach trees, Oh and a darling little girl in a Beaufort Bonnet who cares about bare trees. I will let you guys be the judge.

toddler rocking under peach trees near Charlotte NCmother and daughter kissingmother hugging her toddlerNIC_0291family photo session near Peach Stand Fort Mill SCMother and child with sunlight coming through

I always tell my clients that photography is truly only about the light, the location is only second to the light! In so many areas of my life that is true. It is the light of Jesus Christ that only need to matter. | 7042001398

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