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Lets chat newborn safety…….. I am a flow posing baby photographer. What exactly does that mean? That means I am posing a newborn baby as their little bodies say they wanna go. Some babies are limp noodles and will go in almost every little pose others are a bit more touchy and prefer a more cuddly shot with mom. Both in my mind are equally gorgeous! Flow posing is just me reading what poses your baby likes best. That being said composite is a big part of some images for safety reasons. Example image below…..the fake baby was never in the basket. For parents here is a great peek inside how the process works. For budding newborn photographers in my workshop and mentoring classes I thought I would show a quick tutorial on how I get this shot.

WARNING: scary baby 🙂 my real babies are far more adorable…but Stand in Baby is awesome! She never fusses 🙂

newborn composite video

Watch the video here on our youtube channel. You can download my plate image of the basket to use here. It would be super awesome if you use it to tag NicCole Photography, I would love to see what you do with it! Enjoy!


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