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This was a bit of an impromptu photo session. My son’s tennis coach at Rock Hill  Tennis Complex gave me a shout to do a children’s session with she and her sister’s children. Her sister and nephew where here in the Charlotte NC area for a quick visit and wanted some images last min. So of course I grabbed my camera bag and we met in a local field on what was a beautiful summer evening! I brought along a few props that get children excited! One was my old owl and his nest. Yep, they were all to happy to hold and love on the bird!

We shot very late around 8pm. My photography clients always think I am nuts when I say lets shoot at 6:30 in the morning or 8pm in the evening! It is the absolute MAGIC HOUR for light! When they get their  child’s portraits they are always amazed and glad they went along with my CRAZY ideas…………shoulder shrug..;)..who knew!

Funny story about this session. My family and I where out of our home for a week while we were having some renovations done, this is when I did this session. My husband and son met me later in the hotel lobby and we got in the elevator with Mr. Owl and two super funny mature…;) grandmothers who couldn’t believe my husband was just walking around with this owl……My family are a bunch of practical jokers so this was the perfect time for them to carry on with these ladies! (Mr. Owl is stuffed) These ladies were for sure he was real! In the end my husband was pranked by the ladies who wanted to come with him in his room and visit the owl! LOL……good one granny!

Tedi it was my pleasure photographing your sweet girl and meeting your sister and her son. XO

cousins holding hands little girl taking to owllittle girl wearing pink dress boy with bird nest boy with bird nest

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