A Child’s Christmas Wish | Charlotte Photographer

One Charlotte child’s wish to have a unicorn for Christmas.

So the child you wonder was who? It was me! Like so many of my photography shoots so much of myself is tied into them. Sometimes I realize in the planning of a shoot that it is about me as a child other times I don’t know until I sit back to edit and realize “Wow this is about me!” It is part of being the artist and actually pouring yourself into a project.

This project was one I didn’t realize until later that I was reliving my own childhood dream. A dream of having a magical unicorn on Christmas morning in the snow. I have one brother who always wanted to make me happy when we were children, and tied into the story I had him as well. In our shoot there are a brother and sister and he to wishes his sister’s dream could come true by giving her a magical unicorn shoe. The story includes the brother and sister at the barn with their mini white horse and the sister feeds him a magical apple that immediately transforms the mini horse into a big white unicorn and she herself becomes  a Christmas Princess.

Our entire shoot will be released December 1, 2014 in Momazine Magazine. Until then come take a peek behind the scenes of our Magical Christmas Unicorn.


See our behind the scenes video on YouTube.


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