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This photography session was one of the most planned and fun sessions I have had in awhile. They brought along their chicken and I wish I could remember his name……. oh well, adorable to say the least and of course they fell in love with my mini-horse Rose’ala. Despite the weather and late evening showers we managed to get a fabulous themed child’s session off the ground. The chicken running away, the horse following me, the bugs and humid weather all made for a comical relief at times for the children. Thank goodness for their mom who could rangle in the animals, got water etc. for the children and pets with one fail swoop….wonder mom! You ever heard “It takes a village to raise children?”…..It takes almost a village to photograph them as well. True! That is one of my favorite saying about children and one I believe! Surrounding your children with great folks, like this families children photographed here, makes for a great foundation! Amber I had the best time with you and your girls! XxOO

If your interested in having your children photographed by NicCole lets chat. I am just excited to do a session with boys and goats…..

Little girls jumping on bed in a meadow with a pet chickenThe chicken was perfect. You could tell he was very use to being played with by these sisters. 🙂

two sisters hugging in a fieldThis is why I love my art…..precious Little girl in a fieldSisters in a field with horseThe one thing I learned about them is they are best friends!

sisters sitting in a meadow near Charlotte NCSisters jumping on bed in a  sunny field


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