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She wowed us with every image!

Honestly, I am not sure she had a bad side! The camera loves her. Our friendship goes back to my days in Charlotte NC as a stylist. We met some years ago and have casually ran into each other around town. She called the Loft and had decided she wanted to do some timeless images with her girls and maybe a few of herself. Myself and my assistant began building a wardrobe for all three girls. We found some amazing gowns around uptown for our glamour portraits with “M.”

Once in front of the camera she lit up like a glow from a long tall candle, not a flicker but a HOT BURNING candle.You know hoe candles somehow are can be sultry.  She was just graceful and natural and that amazing red hair added to the image in my mind. I found myself thinking about glamour goddesses from years gone by, when we had her in the glittering gowns. Sigh, I could go on and on but I will just share these stunning glamour portraits with you.

“M” I enjoyed spending time with you and your littles!


Charlotte-women's-photographer-woman-wearing-beautiful-blue-gown Charlotte-womens=photographer-woman-smiling-in-studio-NicCole-PhotographyCharlotte-glamou-photographer-beautiful-girl-smiling


These are always my favorite, Mother’s with their beautiful children! Celebrate life! Celebrate family! Celebrate being beautiful!

Charlotte-mother-holding-her-baby-with-NicCole-PhotographyI would love to chat with you about a session for you and your children, contact me.


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