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BeautifulwomenNicColePhotographyWe have been shooting a lot of glamour portraits this month and wanted to share with you some of our beautiful moms, daughters, wives…etc.. each portrait session includes hair, makeup and wardrobe selection.

Glamour sessions Charlotte NC

We have had a lot of fun with these ladies and are always excited to see their reaction to their pictures. It usually consist of hands to the mouth with a “Oh my I had know idea I could look so amazing!” Well we at NicCole Photography new you could look so amazing all along!

NicColePhotography NicColePhotographyglamour


NicColePhotography beforeandafter

We are still shooting glamour session and if you would like to get in on whats happening here in the NicCole Photogrpahy Loft contact us!

~Brandy NicCole

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