Charlotte NC | Maternity Photo Session

Maternity portrait session in Charlotte NC

This mother jumped right out of her car and gave me the best hug…..the kind where you really mean it, with a good hard squeeze. I like her!! As i started photographing her I realized she was a much more beautiful version of myself. She is tall with a slender build, a small little round bump that was noticeably ready to pop. Her bully button was out to show the time is near.

As we walked to our location I realized she had not booked her newborn photo session and teased her for being a tire kicker. Checking me out with a maternity shoot first….I am just kidding. She booked the newborn when we finished up. She liked me too 🙂

She along with hubby were an adorable pair. Dad is big and burly and complimented her feminine style. I am super thrilled to have the opportunity to meet their sweet baby soon.


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