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Brandy NicCole

When I am not knee deep in editing or riding horseback my time is spent with my husband and son. We can be found on the shores of a beach with the sand between our toes and a fishing pole in THEIR hands.

Being outdoors is a large part of our lives. We share our outdoors with several animals. We have one quarter horse, a mini horse, a mini-donkey (Abel), two chickens (Henny&Penny) and a few funny dogs.

I am girl who loves Jesus, the smell of cut grass on a Sunday morning and I live for hot summer nights and wind in my hair.

Mother | Wife | Animal Collector 


The girl is the pea to my carrots. We have worked shoulder to shoulder for two years enjoying your children. SHE is always invited to bday parties by your kids and promised her favorite ice cream.

She along with her husband and two girls enjoy Disneyland yearly. She always brings a little magic in her pockets and sparkle to our children's portrait sessions.

I like to say " She is the magic. I just click the shutter."

Mother | Wife | Camper | Dog Mom

My Inspiration

My inspiration comes from so many different outlets. The things I love are what inspire me most music of all types, quotes, movies, long walks and summer nights. My clients are huge inspirations through our planning of portrait sessions. By far the most inspiring is my child. My photography journey began when he was born and still today it is my forever personal project to collect as many snapshots, portraits and selfies with him as I can. I adore when old images are pulled out around the holidays and those flood of feelings rush in to remind me of those brief moments captured.Images make me feel and thats my desire for you, to make you feel what that brief moment felt like, again.

XO ~B NicCole

" Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory."

~Dr Seuss


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