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I get a lot of questions about who is NicCole? It is me! Brandy NicCole Inkelaar. NicCole is the name my grandmother preferred to call me by. One of the things I remember most about my grandmother is her pushing me to more education. Being a farmers wife she always said “If your not growing your rottening!” she was using the peach on the trees as a comparison of having education. To this day it has rang through my ears. I continue to educate myself through online courses and in person workshops through out the USA.

I just finished up a workshop here in Charlotte. It was nice to have something so close to home for a change. Meg Bitton and Mary with Pebbles and Polka Dots spent three days here in NC teaching and working aside myself and 14 other photographers from around the world. It was an exciting fun time. Meg offers a soulful quiet look into the subjects she photographs. Something I personally try to do with my portraits. I would prefer to be quiet and view my subjects from a distance while I photograph them. I like to see the intereaction a child has with their pet or a family has with each other. The intereaction with my camera to me is fake. I would prefer to view a child snuggling their faithful dog rather than cheesing at my camera lens.

Photography is such a honed craft! It is very simple to pick up a digital camera and start snapping these days. It is another to have an in-depth knowledge of your tools and equipment along with lighting, angles etc….

I will be joining Barb Uil again this year in Georgia for another three day workshop. I am thrilled to be seeing her again.

Below are a few of maternity, newborn and child portraits I have edited from our workshop.

expecting mother nursing her child in Lake Wylie

I could have stayed in this moment with this  expecting mother while nursing her child. The water was warm and wrapped around the models like a warm blanket.
mother and newborn in water-niccolephotography

The sun was setting here and providing the most gorgeous light for this in the water maternity shoot.Baby portrait

This adorable little baby nestled down in the fur was the quietest little child. He slept for probably two hours. I recommend mom’s keep their babies awake for two hours before their newborn session and upon arrival give them a good feeding. I am sure this mother followed all of Mary’s suggestions for a great photography session.Beautiful young girl Young girl NCgirl in deep thought

These are the soulful images of children that drew me into Meg’s work and what I like to create for my own photography clients.girl in Charlotte newborn in Charlotte

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