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Wanna learn how to get you DSLR in manual!

Charlotte photographer, Brandy NicCole can help. Like most expecting parents you purchase “a good camera”, you want to take amazing pictures of your new baby! It’s as essential as a diaper bag! Heck, as time goes on it will find a new home in the diaper bag! But really where do you start? Do you start in auto, running man, flower mode or P? What does running man even mean?

Below is an example of an image straight out of the camera with no adjustments to either. This sweet child’s mother took the top image (in auto) and  child photographer, NicCole took the bottom (in manual).

NO PHOTO EDITING has been done to either image.


By using your camera on manual an entire new creative world is opened up to you. By making a few changes the images of your little ones can go from snapshot to wow! The first change is to switch the dial to “M”, manual.

You can learn one on one, with NicCole to understand how to use your camera in manual.Get the chance to do a mini-session with a model to learn hands on what your settings should be, depending on lighting conditions. Learn how to move from snapshots to great children’s pictures. Learn how to use your camera to include yourself in images with your children. Why not this Christmas, capture the best images yet of your child.

If your interested in spending a morning with Brandy NicCole learning contact her.

Our above child portrait polished in photoshop.(This is not a photoshop mentoring session)



If you would like to schedule a maternity, newborn baby or child portrait session contact NicCole Photography.


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