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Charlotte Photographer NicCole Photography takes on WWE R Truth and his gorgeous wife.

We were super excited to shoot Pamela Killings and her superstar husband R. Truth. They are expecting a baby girl soon. I joked with them about their daughter never having a boyfriend after getting one glimpse of her dad. The one thing I think I liked most about him was, as big and massive in stature as he is, one soft word from his wife and you could see him turn to putty. I think that shows so much strength in a man to love a woman so much! We photographed the softer side of a massive man. Pamela was just adorable. Glowing with pregnancy and her witty humor was infectious and we laughed a lot. It was hard to get a bad picture of Pamela, pregnancy suits her!

It was super easy to evoke loving emotion from them. Together they mold to each other like two pieces of clay meant for each other, like puzzle pieces.

We shot at Lake Wylie. The water was warm surprisingly. Normally here in Charlotte NC the waters have begun to cool off with the change of the leaves. We shot right up until dark and I think it added to the emotive images we caught of them.

We look forward to meeting their new addition. Thank you for letting us spend an evening with you guys! Xo

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