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Creative Newborn Baby Portraits

This sweet baby girl hit the jackpot when it comes to COOL parents! Seriously, when your parents load up huge percussion instruments and their sweet newborn you know how serious they are to capture amazing newborn photos. Not to mention mom is a huge Jimmy Buffett fan!!! ME TOO!!! The drum (below)‚ had to be my fav of this shoot. She slept beautifully for me and getting her to snuggle into that drum was super easy.

How exciting to think that her pops is also a photographer. This baby girl is gonna have her entire childhood documented by her grandfather. I am excited to follow that journey through his lens. I am so fortunate and thankful that her parents allowed me to share in mom’s maternity session and baby’s first portrait session. Thanks guys!

wrapped babycreative baby photo

~ XxOo, Brandy NicCole