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I teach my children that family is everything. I want them to love and support each other through out their lives. I want them to pick each other up and dust each other off and say “I LOVE YOU.”

I have been fortunate enough to photograph this family with the birth of two sweet baby boys and have watched how the grandmothers jump in and pick up, love on children, feed children and tend to the boy’s mother and father. And, they do this for weeks……it swells my heart to see them working together to transition the family into life with another little person.

I like to photograph grands as an extra little dilly when they are around for the baby’s newborn photos. Going through these images I also realized something about myself……this year I will be 45 and I have a few dark spots developing on my face and the small lines…well they have been there for awhile. I have been embracing them for the most part. Thats a big ole lie……I gotta come clean. I have tried botox and blamed it on my migraines 🙂 I have tried a few different fillers around my eyes and honestly it did give me a refreshed look. I haven’t done these in a while because I am TRYING (thats the word..trying) to love my laugh lines and the smiling lines that come around my eyes when I grin. While editing this session I kept thinking how beautiful these two grandmothers are. Its a light that shines brighter than a age spot on their face……Its the heart and love that they pour into their children and their grandchildren. It was the way they spoke to the babies and shuffled around the house tiding up things and cooking.

I must have the most amazing task of capturing families and mothers with babies. Thank you Stuti for letting me share in sweet moments with your family.



~ XxOo, Brandy NicCole

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