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Happy New Year!

Today was a chilly 9 degrees this morning in Charlotte NC! Brrrrrrrr! Have  you seen these post on facebook and other child blogs about making bubbles and blowing them outside in the freezing weather? The idea is to try and photograph the bubble. Maybe its just a photographer thing.

Any way, I am not a cold weather girl. I cheated a bit on this project. I will explain in a bit. After gathering my supplies this morning I started making bubbles……oh my child too 🙂

So my bubble mixture was:

2 cups warm water….done in the microwave as my hot water was frozen :/

2 tablespoons of dish detergent

2 tabelspoons of glycerin

1 teaspoon of sugar…holds the bubble together longer

mix and blow bubbles!!!!

mixture for bubbles


Here is where I cheated a wee bit. I headed outside and blew the bubble and laid the bubble wand/pipe cleaner down under the jar of bubbles and went inside….:) waited about 5 min and wala freezing bubble!

It did break easily but was more like a deflating balloon. I have had friends in colder areas actually have their bubble shatter!

Anywho, a great science project for the mom who keeps her child home today because it was just to COLD wink,wink…..IT’S a science project!!!!!

bubbles frozenbreaking bubble crystalized bubble crystalized bubble frozen bubble

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