The Billy Graham Library

So if you know me well, you know that Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. No its not the gifts! Its that Christmas feeling……the one that shouts down deep to your bones “get up and celebrate your Savior was born this day……” Proclaim it from the mountain tops!

The Christmas story to me is amazing how from a babe in a manger he was sought after to be worshiped and killed. How a caravan caring three Kings from afar watched and followed a star, shepherds tending their sheep arose to find the baby. How the Magi never returned to the king to tell him where they found the baby Jesus. How an Angel woke Joseph in the night and said “Rise up and GO! ” leave the soldiers were looking for him, baby Jesus. It makes my heart wanna praise,sing and fall to my knees today and worship the Holy Jesus!

Living in Charlotte NC makes it very easy for my family and I to visit the Billy Graham Library often. It is one of my favorite places. It is a feeling of truth,realness, and wonder I felt visiting with my husband this Christmas season. There are choirs who sound like a host of Angels, horse drawn carriages that give you the sense of times past and the huge Cross that leads you in to the library and Billy’s home as a child and live nativity complete with animals.

My Christmas season has been made full by visiting the library and am glad to have shared it again with my husband and now you!

Merry Christmas!


Live Christmas nativity

Billy Graham Library Christmas shepherdhorse picturehorses at Billy Graham LibraryBilly Graham library Horse drawn carriage


We plan to fill our Christmas season with more of the true many of Christmas so keep in touch to see more of our Christmas Season!