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That in be-tween age

I have noticed that this age is kinda left dangling as far the portrait world is concerned. Yes, we photograph these girls 9-14, but do we really? Do we see them?  This is the age that is said to be those tough years. The years where you begin to build solid friendships, and try to decide who you really are. I think as mother’s of this age group we should not drop the ball on capturing these moments. We can use this time to bond with our daughters. Remind them that girls are powerful! Tell them their dreams are attainable, as long as they themselves continue to reach for them. These are the molding years! Stay in touch with your child. Let show her together that HER unique self is beautiful.

“in a world of copycats be yourself, its liberating and powerful!” T. Lewis

I try to mix up the style of these tween portrait sessions. I wanna capture that laughing fun, girl but I wanna know her soul too. Believe me they have lots of soul just check out the amazing peep below.

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