Baby Bump |Maternity Photographer

I have got to tell you about this maternity session. This mother stepped out of her vehicle and I thought gosh she is a doll. Then her little got out and she was the miniature of her mother….just as adorable! She was still a bit sleepy from the ride over but none the less precious. Dad had brought along a chair for mom and I am so glad he did. We were going to need it.

We know longer had gotten started in the session that mom felt a bit weak. Through out the photo session she sat and took a break and we made it through. This is not the end of the story folks. Just as we were finishing up the rain came and it came hard! The last image in this session it was pouring. (Look at the water bottom left you can see it beginning to start.) Bless this moms heart she took it all in stride and we huffed it up the hill back to the car. Dad so gentlemanly like ran up to get the car for us. By the time we reached him we were soaked to the bone and I hated to sit in their car with my muddy shoes. I tell you this story to say LOOK AT THESE PORTRAITS!!! IS SHE NOT STUNNING? I kept thinking to myself a mother’s love knows no boundaries. She wanted to document this beautiful time in her families life.

Some of these images melt my heart. Can you image the love you could see in the newborn photo session?




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