Ava |Charlotte NC Child Photographer

This precious little girl is one of my most photographed children. Her mother is not going to miss forgetting one moment in her daughter’s childhood. What I realized with this photo session is “A” is totally at home with me and the camera. Yay! Win win for me cause she is comfortable and her adorable self when we visit. Win for mom cause she gets true to form pics of her child. Ava jumped on the bed in our natural light studio and snuggled a bit with mom. She is one of those babies you wanna squeeze so tight. Oh my goodness and don’t let me start on how super adorable her mother dresses her.

I have grown with this family sense shooting her mother’s maternity session over a year ago. Time is one thing we can’t get back and these sweet early childhood days move so quickly. I am honored her mom continues to let me be a small part of their lives even if its only for a few hrs.

Enjoy this sweet girls session!