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Time slows down for no one!

As I edit children’s portraits I can quickly look back at how much they have grown, from my desk top. I nearly teared up looking at this sweet babies maternity, newborn, 3 6 9 month and cakesmash sessions! She has always been a happy baby and made my photography life so easy. Not only is she super adorable but has never had a fussy moment when I have been with her, really! When I think about it I should not be surprised as her mother is a super laid back personality that I do enjoy working with.

I get ask often, at the end of a cakesmash session, ” What do we do next?” Well there is always the fall for Christmas cards, but I love my “Morning’s in the life of your child” portrait sessions. These are the sessions where I come to you in your home. I photograph your child in their environment and their daily activities. There are so many things that will slip from your memory before you realize it. They way their tiny legs hang from the potty, the way they tip toe to brush their teeth or wash their hands, how much fun bath time was, how big they feel when they butter the toast and on and on. It seems so trivial but to a mother I never wanted to forget those moments, those memories. These sessions are very documentary, usually black and white and large sessions. I find my exit after we grab a few napping shots with mom. These are some of the most precious memories you will have for remembering every day life with your little one.

Oh I took a rabbit trail there. Sorry! I tend to do that. We were talking about sweet baby Ava! I wanted to share her journey this far with me.

CHarlotte NC Christmas Portrait of newbornnewborn with mother in CHarlotteNC studioBaby with father posing in studio near Charlotte NC

NIC_8581NIC_8647DSC_2201NIC_8540Cakesmash images

I am curious did you have your babies portraits captured for their 1st year? What did you like best about them? What did you do with those images? Tell me below in the comments I would love to know.

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