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A Child’s Dream Session

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”
― Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland

It is a bit surreal that this sweet baby girl’s mother would choose Alice In Wonderland for a portrait session for her daughter. I have been privileged to have met this family nearly a year ago and we have sense shot many portrait sessions. This session was the session I did see the truth inside this beautiful child. While holding her hand and walking together she and I laughed about silly things and I had her stand alone while I snapped of a few shots waiting on her parents. This was the shot that stole my heart. Simple but true. In this child’s dream session I saw this family’s Wonderland.


Charlotte child dream sessions

So this mother and I have been on the same page from our first shoot and with each photo session under our wings we begin to soar higher and higher with the next session. She is crazy creative and has learned my eye for what I want in a session. This one we knocked out of the ball park, Jen. I want to share the entire session at a later date and will do so!

Let me introduce you guys to The Queen of Hearts (Mom’s Sister) and Cheshire Cat (Mom).

Alice in Wonderland child session

And of course Alice in Wonderland wouldn’t be complete with out A Mad Hatter (Dad) and a white bunny.

Charlotte NC child Photographer

Alice, YOU my dear have stolen my heart and saved Wonderland!

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