A must have newborn photography prop

I have used these wooden boards for backdrops in my studio for child and newborn photo sessions. It is the one prop I use every single session. The only thing was they took up so much room in the studio and to me were a bit of an eye soar. My sweet hubby decided he would build me a moveable platform that I could pull up and drop down the side I needed using less room. An added bonus is I can pull it right up to a window and use natural window light if that is the look I want. One side is painted a white color the other a gray. Depending on the use of light the gray side can look very dark also and added bonus.
I wanted to show you guys some of the pictures I took while we built the roll around wooden platform.

double sided photography prop

Do you guys have any props that you use that you just could not live with out? Moms taking photos of their children daily using your hard wood floor is an option or I also love the look of ceramic tile or concrete. Shooting looking down at your child with a textured ground for them to sit on makes for more interest in your images.


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