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Where do these amazing dream sessions come from?

The dreams that you see here on the NicCole Photography journal come from your child’s imagination. Most of these session start out with your child’s creative play. Typically they have read about a character in a book, have seen a movie or cartoon that depicts the character they like to pretend to be. I as an artist try to put myself in that little sweet dream of theirs and come up with an amazing story line. Can you imagine giving your child a book to see themselves as the main character? It would be a book I would cherish and want to share with my my entire family and pass down for years to come. But thats me and I am kinda sentimental that way.

Does your child have a character that he/she likes to pretend to be? Maybe Max from Where the Wild Things Are.

a boy and his dog

Maybe Dorothy from The Wizard of OZ?


Maybe your child has created their own character like I did as a child. This brings me to our shoot for the Florida based Christian mom’s magazine Momazine. I have had the honor to have worked with them several times on different prints of their magazines. I have shot a Christmas Wish which was actually a true wish of mine as a child.


It was a wish to wake up Christmas morning and have my tiny pony become a beautiful strong unicorn. You can see more of that session here.

Late last summer I shot a bohemian Indian summer session for the magazine. I had a blast creating this amazing floating tent and planning all the details. If you guys love beautiful images, enjoy finding new things to do with your children and an added bonus of a few photography tips check out Momazine Magazine on Instagram.

Charlotte NC boho teen in boat photos

My latest child’s dream session for Momazine was the brain child of the amazing ladies Lauryn & Jamie behind the magazine. I love their flexibility in having the idea and letting me run with it. The idea was a child fighting a dragon. It was kinda funny how this was perfectly timed. A local artist here in my small town American community was getting a lot of news coverage on a dinosaur named “Sue.” She is as big as a large suv and is built out of metal. She sits by the road guarding their home and is a feast for the eyes! They were nice enough to let me come out and use her for our photography shoot! I always say nothing is by chance, it is all divine intervention. How else does a dino get completed just as I am commissioned to shoot a child fighting a dragon?  The rest is on film and will live in my memory and the heart of the curly haired child that fell asleep and awakened to fight the ferocious  “SUE” and tame her that snowy day.

Enjoy, ~NicCole

I wanted to share some behind the scene images so you could see how these dreams come to life. It is an emotional process for me each time. I think for a short moment I can be a child and dream too.


These two images are transposed in post process to create the later image.


This is where your child’s eyes grow wider and that small grin crosses their tiny face and you realize that you have hit a home run! It’s NicCole  magic.


child playing with dinosaura boy sleeping on haydreambecomesrealNIC_288211NicColeCharlotteNCChildPhotographerNIcColePhotographyCharlotteNC Charlotte kid pictures

” Brandy NicCole has worked with us editorially in the past. Her work has such an ethereal quality to it blurring the lines between reality and a dream. Such a fantastic quality to behold in this type of business. ” ~Momazine


Bring your child and lets climb down the rabbit hole together.

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  • Amanda GarveyFebruary 22, 2016 - 1:28 AM

    These images are amazing, as are the story they tell! You are truly an artist!ReplyCancel

    • Brandy NicColeFebruary 25, 2016 - 5:41 PM

      Thank you! I have your copy of our Momazine magazine and will get that out to you asap! I heard you are expecting CONGRATULATIONS! I know a great newborn photographer 🙂ReplyCancel

  • JenFebruary 23, 2016 - 12:49 PM

    Dream sessions are out of this world. Love these images!!!ReplyCancel

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