A Birth Story | Mason | Charlotte Newborn Baby and Birth Photographer

I have been so privileged to be this families photographer from their engagement nearly 4 yrs ago, right up to welcoming their new baby into this beautiful family. I have grown to love them as my own and was thrilled to have them be my first birth photo session.

Oh I was on pins and needles when they called and said they were heading to the hospital. It was two days later that little Mason would grace us with his presence. Delivery was a bit different than mom had planned but none-the-less it was nothing short of amazing!

Below are some of our images from Mason’s Story…..

hospital pictures from a birthbirth photographsDad and mom in hospital waiting on newbornbirth photo with NicCole Photographywaiting on their new babyDad getting ready for surgeryfamily in the waiting area of the maternity floorDr with new babymom, dad and newborn


Welcome sweet baby boy, Its a good life!


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